Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching (aka “Executive Coaching”) is an individualized process that supports a leader’s ability to achieve organizational and personal goals. Leadership coaching optimizes a leader’s self-awareness, effectiveness, and performance.

  • Unlock potential
  • Raise awareness for better choices
  • Achieve sustainable and visible leadership improvement
  • Equip and enable your key players
  • Be all that you can be

The benefits of executive coaching are well documented in business literature: a 2006 study by Parker-Wilkins discovered that recipients of executive coaching reported a 689% return on their investment of time and fees for coaching.

CTI uses the G.R.O.W. (Goal, Reality, Options, and Way-forward) coaching model. The GROW model is a results oriented, time-tested and successful approach for effective personal coaching. The GROW model is built on the assumption that the coach is not an expert in your situation; however, he/she is a skilled facilitator, helping to guide you through the process of your personal leadership enhancement.